Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

A: We are the bank. If you have an acceptable down payment and can financially handle the monthly payment, you may purchase one of our homes and make payments until you can qualify for a bank loan.
A: Poor credit doesn’t mean much to us. All credit can be fixed with time and we can get that done for you quickly. Many good people have bad credit. That won’t prevent you from buying from us.
A: That’s totally negotiable and case by case. Our buyers usually have much more time than needed and in the meantime you still own the home.
A: Yes, but not in the luxury home category. This site is devoted to executive homes only. Contact us for locations. All our homes come with terms.
A: That’s case by case but the more you have the more likely we can work with you. When you refinance an executive home you’ll need at least 20% down. However sometimes we sell homes to folks with less and give them time to acquire the rest. All down payment we receive will be credited to the amount you’ll need for a bank loan later.
A: Usually within a few days with some exceptions. We can answer that when you inquire about a specific home. All closings are done with an attorney.
A: In some cases we lease the home with the option to buy. All the answers pertaining to owner financing above apply here except you don’t actually own the home until you get bank financing. In the meantime you live in it and pay rent and control it with an option. Call for more discussion about any questions on lease options or owner financing.
A: Call or email for an appointment. Principals only please.