Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

A: Our business is buying houses with terms so we can offer them to end users with terms. This simply means a delayed cash out for you. It also means you usually get full price, monthly payments and relieved of repairs and maintenance until you get paid off. Plus you won’t pay any commission. We are buyers, not Realtors.
A: You certainly can and may have already done so. However, they won’t buy your house, make your payment, maintain it at their cost and if and when they do sell you’ll pay a big commission.
A: Because we’ll be offering terms. That means our market is five times bigger than theirs because there are several times more people who can’t qualify immediately than can. Especially with luxury homes. The qualifications are more stringent now than ever. We will work with our buyers over time to fix what’s broke and help them get qualified for a bank loan to cash you out.
A: Usually 2-5 years but it’s case by case and tailored to your needs and the buyers. In the meantime you collect a monthly payment from us and all repairs are passed on to the buyers after the first 30 days.
A: We raise the price and/or down payment enough to cover our compensation. We can do that because we’re offering terms. Our compensation does not come from you. In most cases you actually get full price for your home with no commission as long as you’re willing to wait for the cash out.
A: We won’t install a buyer we don’t feel can qualify in time and we check them out. However if our term is up and you’re not cashed out you may take it back or extend the term at your option. The value should be much higher and the debt, if any, will certainly be lower so one could say it could be an advantage if you aren’t cashed out on time. The reality is the buyers will have substantial skin in the game with lots to lose and it’s unlikely they won’t perform.
A: An attorney! Once we’ve agreed on terms you’ll receive an agreement you can take to your attorney who will work with ours to get it closed.
A: In most quality areas across the country. Our specialty is luxury homes above $750,000 to $5,000,000.
A: Both. We can buy with owner financing for lease with an option. We much prefer owner financing and will discuss the differences when we chat.
A: Contact us by phone or email and we’d prefer you answer a few questions here before we chat. It would also be nice to send some photos or a link to a site with them.